Supported Accommodation and respite centre project

     The supported accommodation is conceived as a weekday residential care home with non-stop assistance, adjusted to the individual needs of its clients, and a respite centre offering short stay care for non-residents as well as a relief scheme for carers. 
We are currently finish 1. floor on a plot in Dolní Počernice where we plan to build the supported accommodation and respite centre. The building is designed as a disabled-access three-storey house for up to 14 people located on a mild slope, with amenities, rehab rooms, technical equipment and space for potential art therapy activities, pottery workroom, etc.  The aim of the project is to allow residents of the home, who have known each other from their primary school years, to meet again, support each other and, side by side, develop further, also with the help of the supported workroom located nearby. The workroom was established by the Sluneční zahrada /Sunlit Garden/ civic association, of which these clients are members. 

Dear parents,
If you find yourselves in a similar situation and like our “little house”
please contact us at

        We thank all our present and future donors without whom 
        this project would never have been launched mailto:slunecnidomov@seznam.czshapeimage_2_link_0

Sluneční domov-Sunlit Home-supported accommodation and respite centre

Civic Association

Sluneční domov  /Sunlit Home/

President:Petr Stránský



JUDr.Viera Novotná


Account no.:198366541/0300

IBAN: CZ54 0300 0000 0001 9836 6541


At the ČSOB poštovní spořitelna Praha bank

The project runs under the auspices of:

The Paediatric Neurology Ward of the University Hospital in Krč /FN Krč/ and its head MUDr. Jan Hadač; the Integration

Centre Zahrada /The Garden/;

the City District of Dolní Počernice;

RWE Transgas, a.s.;

Ing. Ondřej Martan - mayor of District City